War Dept. Advisory Committee on Military Justice [Vanderbilt Report]

U.S. War Dept. 1946

On March 25, 1946, pursuant to War Department Memorandum No. 25-46, the War Department Advisory Committee on Military Justice was established in the Office of the Secretary of War. Chaired by Arthur T. Vanderbilt, the Committee’s function was to “study the administration of military justice within the Army and the Army’s courts-martial system, and to make recommendations to the Secretary of War as to changes in existing laws, regulations, and practices which the Committee considers necessary or appropriate to improve the administration of military justice in the Army.” In conducting  its study, the Committee received testimony from numerous senior military officials at hearings conducted in Washington, DC, and collected additional testimony at regional public hearings held in ten major United States cities. The committee reviewed this testimony, the content of hundreds of letters, the results of a questionnaire sent to officers and enlisted men, as well as voluminous statistical and result studies by the Judge Advocate General’s Department. On December 13, 1946, the Committee submitted its final report to the Secretary of War.

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